What’s the Average Price of Carpet Cleaning Services?

carpet cleaning services

Carpet cleaning services is one of those things that many people dread it for good reason: it’s time consuming, expensive and, oftentimes, not very enjoyable. For homeowners, a clean carpet can mean the difference between having a clean floor or not, and can affect the way others perceive you as a person. It’s a fact that clean carpets are far more attractive than ones filled with pet hair, or other types of dirt or grime. Here are some tips for choosing the best carpet cleaning services in your area.

o Professional vs. Home. Price range varies considerably between professional carpet cleaning services, with the lowest price being around $150. Your standard basic carpet cleaning price range, however, is between $123 – $250, with most homeowners paying around $ 175.

o Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Wet Carpet Cleaning Services. There are pros and cons to both dry carpet cleaning services and wet carpet cleaning services. For instance, dry carpet cleaning services remove stains from your carpet better than wet carpet cleaning services do, but it’s also important to note that stains can sometimes be removed completely by a dry carpet cleaning service if done properly, whereas a wet service may not remove certain stubborn stains.

o Price Per Treatment. Most carpet cleaning services price per treatment, which means that you pay X amount of dollars to have your carpet cleaned per visit. This price per treatment can vary depending on different carpet cleaning companies, so it pays to shop around and compare prices before making your decision. The cheapest price per treatment is usually offered by companies that offer their services for a number of visits, or offer packages that include upholstery cleaning and basic carpet stain removal.

o Professional Services vs. DIY Kits. If you’re looking for a carpet cleaning process that’s simple to do and will get rid of most stains, then a basic do-it-yourself kit would probably be the best choice for you. However, if you’re looking for a carpet cleaning process that’s more effective, more efficient, or simply just easier to complete, then you should consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning company.

o Types of Carpets and Kinds of stains. There are numerous different types of carpets that are used in the home, and some types of stains require specialized treatment to remove them from your carpets. For example, some stains come from liquids that leak onto your carpet, such as juices from soda drinks or blood from spills. These liquids will typically stain your carpets regardless of whether they’re natural fibers or synthetic fibers. Therefore, it’s important to carefully research the carpet cleaning costs associated with different carpet types and the stain they’re prone to.

o Average Cost of Professionals vs. DIY Kits. Carpet cleaning prices vary depending on the type of stains you have to deal with. There are many different kits on the market, each offering a different approach to removing the stain. Therefore, the average price of hiring professionals varies according to the potential severity of the stains that need treating. For instance, an average price for cleaning carpets containing red wine stains would be more than twice as much as a kit that offers only solutions for cleaning white-colored stains.

o Dry Carpet Cleaning Services vs. Steam Cleaning Services. Carpet cleaning companies may offer dry carpet cleaning services, but steam cleaning is usually the preferred method when it comes to dealing with tough stains. Steam cleaners have the advantage of not requiring you to use any chemicals, as well as being much less harsh on your carpets.