Shearwater Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Unit

In the Shearwater area of Victoria, a town in the Western Suburbs of Sydney Australia, we have the SGS and Shearwater Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Unit (TSCMU) located on the Central Business District, which was established in 2020 and is managed by SGS and the Crime Commission of Australia. The primary duty of the unit is to perform surveillance operations in and around the town and surrounding areas, as well as the rest of the metropolitan area in order to gather intelligence from areas that are vulnerable to crime and terrorism and to protect the community from this.

The surveillance team has four teams: one that consists of two officers; one which consists of two men and one woman; another consisting of three officers, while the third consists of one female officer and one male officer. Each of these teams performs different tasks and functions and their tasks are performed on a daily basis. These teams work together to identify threats, monitor criminal activity, and to make sure that the community remains safe and secure.

One of the main roles of the Shearwater Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Unit is to monitor and record information about activities within the community and in public places. This information includes information such as: personal information such as name, address, phone number, social security number and other sensitive personal data. It also includes public and private records and other information that may be useful in determining criminal activity. As part of their job they conduct surveillance on local businesses, banks, public places, and any other businesses or public institutions that may be a target for crime or terrorism. Some of their other duties include:

* They often visit certain public places, such as parks and shopping centres, in order to gather data about people who frequent these places. They then compile the information that they collect in a report that will be used by the regional crime command as part of the surveillance process. The reports they produce can then be used by other agencies, such as police, the Australian Federal Police, or the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, as part of their investigations or as evidence in court proceedings.

* The Shearwater Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Unit also provides advice and assistance to the local community. They provide community awareness programs aimed at reducing the incidence and occurrence of crime. They also conduct anti-social behaviour and nuisance abatement programs aimed at stopping criminal activity in the community. For example they provide advice on what can be done to keep children away from places where they are likely to be exposed to crime, or at risk.

As part of their role as a technical surveillance countermeasures unit, the Shearwater Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Unit also takes part in the training of local police forces, such as the Victoria Police, the Royal Australian Regiment, and the New South Wales Police, as well as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. in order to ensure that they know how to best detect, identify, prevent and minimise crime and prevent terrorists from entering Australia. As a part of their work, they also provide training for the members of the local community on how to detect and prevent crime or terrorism. Their role is designed to reduce the impact of crime and terrorism on the community.