Pool Enclosures Is Essential to Protecting Your Pool

Pool Enclosures

Spend more time relaxing and less time cleaning with a glass or polyethylene screen pool enclosure by lifetime enclosures. This type of enclosure is constructed with mesh material that is durable and lightweight. Mesh pool enclosures offer complete protection from harmful UV rays and insects, offer added security when locked and enclosed and accentuate the beauty and value of your house. They also make cleaning the pool an easier process, as well as minimizing any potential accidents. Because the mesh is lightweight, you can move them around easily to clean various parts of the pool or patio.

Another advantage of vinyl or polyethylene pool enclosures is the ability to quickly and easily clean debris from the enclosure. All you need is a hose with a nozzle, which is included with almost all models. This allows you to clean up any debris in the enclosure without having to use a broom, scoop, or other additional device. The bottom line is that you can quickly and easily clean up any debris in a matter of minutes.

Pool Enclosures with retractable roofs is another popular choice for homeowners. These are made with durable aluminum frames and strong fabric covers. The aluminum frames provide stability and are designed to withstand wind loads of over forty thousand pounds. Retractable roof designs also keep out rain and other inclement weather, which make them the preferred choice for homeowners looking to protect their pool from the harsh weather. The fabrics cover are specially designed to be UV protective, preventing fading and skin irritation, which means they will keep your pool looking new for the entire year long.

Many pool enclosures now come equipped with locking systems. These are perfect for pools that are left unattended for most of the year, as the locking system will ensure your privacy at all times. You can also find enclosed pools with security systems installed, which can keep out unwanted guests while you’re not around, offering year long protection against theft.

You’ll also find many types of enclosures available to suit your budget and needs. For example, metal enclosures are very durable and extremely resistant to damage, but they are also a bit on the pricey side. Vinyl enclosures are the cheaper choice, and are far less prone to damage, but they are not nearly as durable or resistant to the elements as metal enclosures are. Wood, composite materials, and polycarbonate are all other forms of enclosure, each offering their own advantages and disadvantages for different types of pools in different situations.

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make when it comes to choosing an enclosure is whether to go with an indoor or outdoor model. Both types offer year-round protection, but only indoor enclosures can be installed over year-round surfaces, while outdoor models must be installed over the roof. For decks and patios, you’ll obviously need to install an outdoor enclosure. If you have a sloping driveway that floods during the high-season, then you’ll definitely want to invest in an indoor model. The same applies if you have trees that spill into your pool’s water line. The glass for these enclosures is generally clear, so you won’t accidentally see what’s in your pool, while the clear vinyl is better for preventing debris from entering your enclosure.