How Good Is Aberdeen Movers?

About Aberdeen Movers & Packers, (AMB), (formerly known as Shipping & Transport) is the largest full service moving and storage company in Washington State. Founded in 1961, AMB offers a full range of mobility services including freight transport, road moving, storage and off-site logistics. Founded just about half an hour east of Seattle in what was then called King County Seat, AMB quickly became one of the nation’s best known and trusted full-service mover companies.

Aberdeen movers

For anyone considering a move, or even someone just looking to do a bit of house cleaning, AMB can provide a wide range of professional movers and freight services. From their headquarters in Seattle, AMB has more than a thousand employees dedicated to serving customers throughout the region with efficient moving, storage and transportation solutions. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and professionalism sets them apart from other moving company providers. You will find that AMB offers competitive moving rates, and they are constantly striving to make moving day-to-day operations easy, stress-free, and enjoyable. In fact, the focus on customer satisfaction extends to the kind of gear they use when moving trucks arrive at their destination. All moving equipment is custom-owned and screened for security against loss or damage.

The focus of AMB is to bring every aspect of moving into the 21st century. In an effort to be more energy efficient and bring new technology to their moving services, many of their mover’s now offer GPS tracking devices. They employ state of the art heating and ventilation systems. The movers are continually updating their fleet with the latest technologies to save time and money while moving. This focus on being a “green” moving company helps to put the spotlight back on the environmental impact of shipping and delivery.

Another focus of AMB is customer service. You can count on full service when dealing with AMB movers. There is no hassle of finding a local representative to discuss your moving needs, as well as to handle any questions or concerns you may have about their moving services. Instead, they strive to make every move seamless, and always prepared to help you through every step of the relocation process.

You may be wondering how AMB exceeds other relocation companies in every area they serve. There are several factors at play. One, they pride themselves on hiring only the best people for the jobs. They also provide ongoing training for all their employees, as well as maintaining a large customer service line of phones and email to provide support after the moving has been completed.

Finally, it is important to consider how easy it is for people to communicate with the professionals at AMB. Because relocating is an individual experience, it is easy for some to misunderstand the entire moving process. When using the services of a relocation company, people can feel more comfortable that every aspect of their move will be handled correctly.