High Quality Cleaning – A Brand You Can Trust

Tom Ramberg Founder, Owner, and Manager of High Quality Cleaning Company. Tom brings in over 30 years of cleaning experience, including carpet, tile, furniture, vinyl, upholstery and restoration work. He started out with a manual vacuum machine and an old phone book, creating what is now, a well-known and respected name in the industry.

Tom started his business by renting a small shop to serve his needs for his carpet cleaning business, as he worked to launch his own brand of high quality cleaning equipment for his business, which ended up being called “High Quality Cleaning.” When Tom had built up his reputation at his local market and was well-known, Tom decided to expand his business and purchase equipment for his store, which ultimately became his largest purchase at that time. It also served as his first investment in marketing his business.

In order to build his reputation as a leading company in this field, Tom hired an advertising firm to get him on television and radio. Although these advertisements were not successful, it did help him raise awareness about his business and the products that he sold.

When Tom was able to have his store up and running, he started to use his skills in high quality cleaning to develop his own line of cleaning products for his customers. The products were so high quality that they actually became very popular within the industry.

With the success of his business, Tom then developed a training program that focused on his knowledge of high quality cleaning equipment. It also focused on helping customers understand the importance of using the right cleaning product for their carpets and upholstery. As part of his training program, Tom created his own training videos for his customers to take home and watch, which taught them how to properly use the different kinds of cleaning machines that he sells for their carpet cleaning needs.

Tom Ramberg has been working in this field for over thirty years. He continues to work with his friends to keep the company on top of the trends and developments of the carpet cleaning business. Today, High Quality Cleaning offers a wide range of cleaning solutions, from steam cleaners to carpet floor scrubbers, to vacuums to carpet shampoo and more.

The products that Tom Ramberg sells are backed by a one year money back guarantee, and customers can be assured that their carpet is safe and sound with every purchase. Tom also provides a 24 hour customer service hotline to answer questions and problems that may arise during your next cleaning session with his company.

Tom Ramberg’s business is a business that is based on service, which is why many people prefer to do their own cleaning. However, if your carpet is too dirty or the cleaning solution you used isn’t working right, it may be time to call Tom Ramberg to have the cleaning done right.