Washer Disinfector Machines For Industrial And Home Applications

washer disinfector machine

Fully automatic washer disinfector machine offers advanced technology for complete cleaning process of washing through detergent dispenser, rinsing water supply line, and hot water tap. It includes a motor driven squeegee with specially designed wand for proper application and effective cleaning. The wand is specially designed to avoid scratching the surface of articles while applying the disinfecting detergent through it. This squeegee and wand is electronically coupled for smooth functioning.

Fully automatic washer disinfector machine comes with three types of heads like dry foam wand, foam brush head, and rinse rod. First is dry foam wand which is fixed on top of the dekomed bedpan washer and allows the users to manually wash the bedding items. Next is the brush head which provides you with an alternate option for manual washing. Rinse rod offers an additional rinse option for your kitchen items. Lastly, there is the refillable hot tub head for your dishwashers.

It comes with three main varieties like electric, gas, and manual washer disinfector machine all built-in with the same powerful features. Built-in motor with high-speed and heavy-duty drive is very powerful to carry out the complete cleaning process. All three types of washer disinfector machine are very safe for use on medical equipment like centrifuges, blood, and urine collection tubes, surgical centers, blood banks, and other such medical facilities.

The built-in motor in this machine has three speeds namely, low speed, medium speed, and high speed. This feature helps the users to adjust the cleaning performance according to their needs. The high-speed washer disinfectors are the most powerful among the three speeds. This high-speed washer disinfector machine offers fast cleansing action. Built-in disinfection cycle is another feature that ensures germ-free environment around the machines.

If your medical equipment requires intensive cleaning like sterile transfer and final testing of blood samples or tissue, then a high-speed washer disinfector is just the perfect device. The high-speed washer disinfects surfaces in just a few seconds and this gives a germ-free environment around the equipment. Built-in drying rack is one more useful feature. This drying rack is built in the machine to keep the machine dry and prevent resoiling. With the help of dryer, washing and drying facilities can be easily carried out.

The washer disinfectors mentioned above come with multiple features to meet the needs of any cleaning job. This makes it easier for industrial users as well as home users to clean and disinfect medical equipment. These dekomed cleaning machines are highly durable and come with a long service life. The professionals who use these machines are more confident about the product’s ability to clean and disinfect.