Using Your Employee’s Daily Quota

Your company’s IT department issues a daily quota to each of its employees. Daily Quota is simply an artificial limitation imposed on your staff. If your technological implementation isn’t flawless, no unnecessary expenditure is incurred. The maximum allotted daily quota can always be altered under relevant settings.

Daily Quota

You might find that your staff spends most of their time responding to emergency calls. When there’s a spike in productivity, the cost pertain to you because it represents excess pay to you. By configuring your Daily Quota in a way that allows you to set a limit to the number of emails you send per day, you will prevent overspending. This is especially true during emergency situations. You can also use the Limit Mail function to send message joined together with your daily quota.

Before you allocate a certain daily quota to your employees, make sure you configure its threshold for activation. The threshold should be lower than your estimated return of investment (ROI) for every payroll cycle. You can configure this through the My reimbursements section of the General tab of your reimbursements setup. You can also set the threshold for a specific date, which can be considered a warm-up day in your company’s operations.

The purpose of setting your daily limit quota for each department is to maintain a fair balance between efficiency and cost in your organization. The daily quota and the supermetrics associated with it are both indicators that allow you to identify areas in which improvements in processes or the overall productivity of your company need to be made. The best way to use these two metrics is to keep them on hand, even if you don’t think that your staff is actively requesting for it. For example, if you set the supermetrics for the number of sales per day to one hundred, but you know that only 20 percent of those requests come in, this could be considered a warm-up day for your staff, since they are probably not actively going through the process of requesting for work.

When setting your threshold for activating the daily quota, make sure that you include requests by the average number of recipients during the previous day. However, if you know that your sales staff is requesting for more work, then you will probably need to change it to a daily quota of 400 recipients per day, which might take a bit more time before it kicks in. Remember that you have set your threshold for a specific date, which may already be reached by some of your staff members, in this case you can make the changes once you receive feedback from them. Also, make sure that you do not change your threshold too much when it comes to activating it per day. Allow for a gap of a few days, before changing it again. Do not make the mistake of actually increasing your daily quota whenever you find that your sales team has been requesting for more work.

If you follow these simple rules when setting up your e la system, you can ensure that the daily quota has a very good chance of being triggered each day. You can also keep an eye on the overall performance of your employees and adjust your thresholds accordingly. As long as you are able to monitor how your employees are doing and if they are indeed exceeding the daily quota, you should keep it at that same threshold until further notice. You don’t want your employees using up their daily quota in two days, or using up the entire daily quota for the first year, right?