Bunion Surgery In Perth

Are you thinking of bunion surgery in Perth? If so, then you probably have a bunion, which also called hallux valgum. A bunion is a painful and often very unsightly bump on the bottom of your first metatarsal bone where your second toe once lay. Bunions usually occur when your second toe loses proper alignment with the remainder of your foot, resulting in putting pressure on the joint.

Bunion surgery can be performed either as a surgical procedure or as a non-surgical procedure. If you choose to go for the latter, you will be given a local anesthesia and your doctor will remove the excess bone tissue as well as close the bunion’s area. In most cases, bunion surgery in Perth is non-surgical. However, there are a few cases where surgical correction is required in order to correct the deformity, which may include a bone graft, or implantation of bone into the area.

The two most common surgeries that are performed by orthopaedic surgeons are sclerotherapy and podiatry. Sclerotherapy involves the use of chemicals or hard toxins injected into the affected area. This is the least invasive and therefore popular method of treatment. If you want to undergo this kind of treatment, then you should let your doctor know of any existing health conditions such as diabetes, heart problems or a history of depression. While this is not a common procedure, it is effective and can give you good results.

The other type of minimally invasive surgery is podiatry. This type involves the doctor putting a cast on your bunion to make it appear smaller and fixing the bone growth that you have. He will also prescribe a splint to support the bone while it heals. This is a more painful procedure and most patients require several days off from work and activities.

You may also be referred to a surgeon for an arthrodesis or lumbar puncture if your bunion surgery in Perth involves a reduction. The procedure involves removing a large part of the bone in your joint. This is done to decrease pressure on your joint and to try and fix the problem. You may also be required to wear a brace after this operation, as the excess bone weight will need to be removed. Although lipids arthrodesis is a minimally invasive procedure in Perth, it is not widely used due to the risk of infection.

No matter what surgery you undergo for your bunion surgery in Perth, you will need to make sure that the surgeon is highly qualified to do the procedure. If the surgeon is not well trained or experienced then you are not likely to experience the best results. You should ensure that the surgeon has been performing this type of surgical procedure for many years and has many satisfied patients who are undergoing similar procedures. Many surgeons in Perth offer a full range of services to their patients and can often find the right surgeon to meet all your needs. This will allow you to receive the best treatment and care possible when it comes to your bunion surgery in Perth.